BAe 146 od Just Flight z kolejną aktualizacją


BAe 146 od Just Flight otrzymał kolejny update – poprawiono w nim nie tylko błędy w działaniu wprowadzonego nie dawno FMS-a, ale również szereg innych problemów.

Wśród nowych funkcji wprowadzone zostało stopniowe tankowanie, zintegrowane z GSX-em. Ponadto poprawiono sterowanie przednim kółkiem, działanie tabletu EFB, list kontrolnych, a także błędy w malowaniach oraz wyglądzie wnętrza wariantu cargo maszyny.

Aktualizacja jest dostępna zarówno za pośrednictwem MSFS-owego Marketplace’u, jak i w sklepie Just Flight.

Pełna lista zmian v. 0.2.1 (w języku angielskim):

  • Progressive refuelling functionality added to EFB aircraft page, compatible with GSX
  • Nose wheel steering accuracy and smoothness improved
  • Manual speed flipchart option added – with the FLIPCHART WT SYNC option disabled, you can now use left and right arrows to change the speed flipchart weight
  • General performance optimisation
  • Numerous EFB fixes and improvements, including the ability to draw on the Navigraph charts
  • SimBrief import payload option now syncs the correct passenger number, cargo quantity and ZFW (new SimBrief profiles for each 146 variant are provided)
  • Red warning added to EFB aircraft page when maximum ZFW has been exceeded
  • Yoke checklist turns white when placing cursor over yoke clip clickspot (using LOCK interaction mode) – fixed
  • TMS modes can no longer be reselected following a TMS fault/failure
  • UNS-1 FMS bug fixes and improvements, including:
    • UNS-1 flying tri-oval patterns when ‘left’ holding pattern direction selected – fixed
    • Improvements to holding pattern logic, based on feedback from real 146/UNS-1 pilots.
    • Entering waypoints named “DISCO” causes a NO LINK discontinuity – fixed
    • UNS-1 freezes when entering arrival procedures at airports that have duplicated approaches in their Navdata (e.g. YBBN, VGHS) – fixed
    • Waypoints not sequencing correctly on VNAV PATH page when using DTO function – fixed
    • PVOR and SXTK text colour on MANEUVER page changed to blue to indicate that these functions are not yet simulated
    • HOLDING page displays 1/2 pages even though only one is available – fixed
    • HOLDING page ‘FIX’ and ‘INBD’ text do not swap when toggling direction of turn left/right – fixed
    • Various improvements for ATC communications when using the UNS-1
  • Autopilot VS hold ELEVATOR TRIM UP/DOWN control assignments – fixed
  • APU state now correctly restored when using state saving
  • 146-200 cabin window seal issue – fixed
  • Improvements to fuel pump logic to prevent flameouts when accidentally switching off fuel pumps when airborne
  • No visible cargo on QC/QT variants – fixed
  • 146-200QC TNT incorrect cockpit registration placard – fixed
  • 146-300 United Express livery – fixed
  • Missing part on air stairs handrail – fixed
  • 146-200 tail skid missing – fixed
  • VHF/HF aerial toggle EFB options – fixed
  • Cabin attendant call panel ‘E.I.C.’ button typo – fixed
  • Minor tweaks to cockpit sidewall texture reflectivity
  • VHF COM radio test digits clipping edge of display – fixed
  • Xbox controller rudder steering axis assignments – fixed
  • ‘Modern’ FMS not powering on (Xbox version only) – fixed
  • Improved standby altimeter counter accuracy around thousand-foot boundaries (non-Marketplace version only)
  • EFB cabin announcements, auto cabin crew and cabin ambient sounds automatically disabled when flying the QC/QT variants but not restored when next flying a passenger variant – fixed (non-marketplace version only)
  • Yoke checklists reappearing when selected hidden and then switching camera views – fixed (non-marketplace version only)
  • Updated operations manual to v2.1
  • Updated EFB manual to v2.1
  • Updated UNS-1 manual to v1.1

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